Real estate AI application

Today, we are covering an incredible technology developed by Hosta a.i., an MIT startup that is revolutionizing property assessments. As any property purchaser knows, assessments are critical for a wide range of processes, from home appraisals to insurance claims, and inaccurate or delayed assessments can result in higher costs and project setbacks.

Hosta a.i. is creating detailed property assessments by snapping a few pictures. This cutting-edge platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze images and produce precise measurements of spaces, detailed floor plans, 3D models of rooms, and bills of materials. It can even evaluate the conditions of materials to assess damage and identify potential risks.

The breakthrough here is that many of the text to image AI models cannot accurately represent spatial measurements or data, without a lot of pre-trained data.
Hosta a.i. is already making a big impact in the industry, working with insurers, contractors, and mortgage lenders to provide fast and accurate information about built surroundings.

But the possibilities of this technology don’t stop there. With a complete view of properties without the need for on-site visits, Hosta a.i. can help speed up the transition to more energy-efficient buildings by creating an understanding of how heat moves through a room. And there are plenty of other applications across industries that require built-environment understanding.

As Henriette Fleischmann, CEO and co-founder of Hosta a.i., says: “Our technology is accelerating these processes and reducing friction for the adjuster, contractor, and the consumer. We’re helping people get their homes repaired more quickly, so they can feel like home again.” So, if you’re looking to streamline your property assessments and improve your processes, Hosta a.i. is definitely a technology you need to check out.

We will soon see the real estate industry needing to provide even more accurate with measurements such as square footage and condition of the property with AI applications like this.