Whether you are a creator or a company, build your identity in the IDist® professional creator community.

Learn how to stack the best emerging tools and systems to stand out online. Create a compelling and singular brand narrative alongside peers building a next generation online business.

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IDist® a new collaborative creator community platform where we are building systems to:

Become chief AI officer of a company
Build a next generation internet business
Innovate on existing small businesses with no code productivity systems
Build brand and corporate Identity
Build a professional career with emerging tech and AI

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Learn how to reengineer tech stacks with proven frameworks integrating no code systems.

Unlock the full potential of Generative AI

Generative AI applications are transforming business. Our expert-led community is designed to guide you and your organization towards a future where technology empowers creativity, collaboration, and growth.

Drawing on extensive experience of design and technology professionals, we help you transform your team’s skills and mindset. Embrace the power of AI to drive innovation and success in a rapidly-evolving business landscape.

Who We are

IDist is a new kind of community without the hierarchy typically found in companies. There will be 7 community leaders to guide you on your experiential journey in the new creator economy with an adaptive curriculum.

Daniel Flügger

Dan has been a founder, designer and software developer for 15 years. He co-founded IDist® to collaborate with peers to drive AI adoption. He has worked professionally as a creative director for Live Nation and Capitol Records, and has built five creative businesses including an interior design/build firm and a luxury furniture company, and has been featured in NPR, Architectural Digest, BBC and Elle Decor. He lives with his wife and family in New York City.


We are looking for people with broad skill sets who are passionate about helping small businesses innovate by being community leaders and are interested in earning income through the community, going deeper on their area of expertise and guiding others on their journey. If you are interested in getting support and inspiration on your path towards AI adoption this is an amazing opportunity that doesn’t exist elsewhere.


Your Identity

As the line between personal branding, entertainment and AI becomes blurrier in the new creator economy, the IDist community will be your professional guide for you to go deeper on your area of expertise. There is unprecedented opportunity in virtually every industry by creating a path for yourself to become Chief AI officer of your own company or someone else’s. That is the north star of IDist: do what you love and be supported on the way.