Identity systems for innovation leaders

IDist® a private consulting 2:1 service for founders to get direct support over 90 days. Identity is the foundation for innovating on the next generation of businesses.

10 spots available for our 90 day program which runs December 1st, 2023 – February 28th, 2024

Priya Bains

Priya Bains

Business Psychology

Human Identity

Innovation & Creativity

Solopreneur Expert

The ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas and concepts is a hallmark of highly creative individuals and is the foundation for innovation.

Daniel Flügger

Artificial Intelligence

Data & Machine Learning

Small Business Expert

Software Engineer

What is IDist®?

IDist® is pronounced ‘eye-dee-ist’, ID is acronym for identity, the core element of everyone’s journey.

It is a private consulting 2:1 service for founders to get direct support.  Personal identity plays a crucial role in building or transforming a business.

How Does it Work?
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You receive 2:1 direct support over the course of 90 days from two founders who’ve been there, done that.

We have 25 years of collective experience in entrepreneurship in a range of industries featuring both physical and online businesses.

Why Join?

The rise of artificial intelligence is transforming the dynamics of creative evolution and entrepreneurship.

AI is drastically altering the economic landscape.  Business playbooks, identity and machine learning are now the core foundation for innovation.

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