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A search engine to discover home furnishings connecting luxury with sustainability in one click. 

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AI-powered Personalization & Advanced Search

Extending visual search functionality with granular data across modalities

Empowering Artisans & Community

Brands and artisans collaborate for responsible innovation

Ethical Sourcing & Sustainable Commitment

Sustainable production and responsible sourcing

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Search redefined in the architecture and interior design markets


IDist® is pronounced ‘eye-dee-ist’, ID stands for Interior Design.  It is a new search engine being built integrating Google Vertex search technology, AI, machine learning and vector embeddings.

Search and purchase highly sought after home furnishings and support a sustainable planet. Connect with the top high end interior designers, architects, companies and makers throughout the world.

400 Billion USD* (estimate)

Estimates are that IP theft, direct to consumer sales and fast furniture cost the U.S. economy $300 billion and the EU economy $100 billion, directly impacting small to medium sized businesses.   S.1294, Protecting American Intellectual Property Act, became law in 2023.

USD 780 Billion 

Projected total global furniture market size in 2030

2.1 Million Jobs

Projected Shortfall of Skilled Manufacturing Workers in 2030

12.2 Million Tons

Annual fast furniture landfill waste in the US

Meet our amazing team

Our professional team has extensive experience in architecture, interior design and business innovation.

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Daniel Flugger

Daniel Flügger

AI & ML Engineering, Cloud Architect & Software Developer

Erika Flugger

Erika Flugger

Art, Interior Design & Furniture Expert

Christine Tse

Interior Design, Sourcing & Supply Chain

Pablo S. Almeida

Pablo S. Almeida

Architecture, Construction & Sustainability Expert


Priya Bains, Phd.

I/O Engineering & Psychology Expert

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Small to medium sized businesses

Artisans across the planet making beautiful furnishings

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns